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RoboAdmin provides tools which automatically install new versions of R when they are released, installs a specified list of packages in site-library and in site-library-fresh, and does regular updates of the packages in site-library-fresh. When R or package updates are done, a set of site-specific tests are run, and support people automatically notified if these fail. Users can also be autmatically notified when a new version of R is available.

The process does not remove old versions of R. Users are responsible for setting their path to select the version they use. The site-library is only updated at the same time as a new version of R is installed, so users can be guaranteed a consistent environment once they set their path to a specific version. If they do want the latest available packages then they can do this by setting site-library-fresh to be used in their R session.

See the README files in the top level directory for more details, and the sub-directories in the tests-examples/ directory for examples of site specifice testing.

RoboAdmin is available by anonymous checkout from the code repository by

svn checkout svn:// RoboAdmin/